Sunlight Sounds

Sunlight Sounds
Torching the darkness
A minute assembles in slower time
The promise known as love—
Both sower of days
And instrument of ashes.
-Jeff Champlin

And the blaze licks the early moments

Scorches the uninitiated

With exhaustion and fury

They tell you how much to love this stranger

without condition

enslave yourself

to this love, labor

How much cheaper this kind of love

With no regard for trust or bond…

Ecstasy soaks my skin

Soft, breastmilk moments

We see each other in our new nursing games—

Our softest union weighs the same

as the nightless night?

kept stirring by 60 watts and screaming?

new tooth agony cherished as much as

your new words?

Your emergence like a slow train

now rushing

from the darkness of a long tunnel.



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