Baby Carrier Fashion Show. Link Up!!

Well after a little twitter chat about how many carriers @FreeChildhood has, it became apparent (pun intended) that we need to do a little show and tell to compare our favorites! Please dig out your favorite photos of you or a friend with a little one in a couple of your all time favorite carriers and post your link here!  Can’t wait to see the variety of colors and styles!  How many different kinds of carriers do you think we can amass in one location? This is fun. 🙂

Ok, Here is mine:

Nursing at the top of Vrooman's Nose Wearing the Baby Bundler

With both my kids, though I was huge on carriers, I didn’t have the massive collection that a lot of mamas have.  Next time I will know better and stock up early! I only had a backpack, a bjorn (which I almost never used past the newborn phase), a Maya Wrap, and my absolute favorite (shown here) a Baby Bundler.  I haven’t heard a lot of people mention the bundler, but I used it constantly and loved it. I carried my kids even as older toddlers in this carrier as it was so soft, stretchy, and supportive and spread the weight of them all over so I didn’t get sore.  I could probably carry my son in it now, if I wanted to and he is 5!  It came in handy plenty of times for other things too, having it with us all the time gave us something to sit on and something to cover baby up with in the chilly evening when we were out and about.  I got so attached to it, in fact, that I seem to have missed out on all the other amazing, colorful, comfortable carriers out there! We are remedying that right now!  Enjoy!

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9 Responses to “Baby Carrier Fashion Show. Link Up!!”

  1. I’ve never even heard of the bundler! (I should look for it!) Ha! I love that I’m not the only one who didn’t use the Bjorn past the itty-bitty stage either!

  2. Okay, linked up! And, I fixed the formatting! (Yay, me!) The only photo I wasn’t able to find was one of me or Adam wearing the Snugli.

    I have never heard of the Baby Bundler. I didn’t have any of that wrap-style baby carrier, though. I always thought they looked SO COOL, but with my babies that never wanted to be in one place for long, I was worried I’d get them all wrapped up in the wrap, just to have to unwrap all over again in 5 minutes. 😉

    Thanks for creating this link-up!

    • Kelly- that has DEFINITELY happened to me a million times! Get it all together and then baby wants out! Luckily, i got into the habit of putting the wrap on me, almost all the way done, before putting baby in it. That reduced the hassle a bit! And i usually got walking right away once baby was in it. That helped too.

  3. love this! I love looking at all the different carriers. I’ve been through several & my now 1 year old is mostly worn in a ring sling for quick trips, a mei tai (by me), or our beco butterfly 2 (my husband’s carrier). It’s fun (and a little sad) to watch the babies grow up & grow out of/into different carriers.

  4. I finally finished mine! 🙂

  5. oops, I promote my blog so little that I forgot the url and wrote it wrong in my last comment 🙂

  6. Ok for real this time: this is my blog!


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