Parade of New Neighbors (March of Kindness, Part 2)

With all this talk about kindness I have been seeing more of it around me. Enough so to warrant a second post!  And the world’s longest blog post title ever.

We just moved into our first home.  What an amazing, awful, exciting, terrifying, exuberant, joyful, messy, overwhelming, exhilarating, liberating, exhausting experience THAT has been.  There is stuff EVERYWHERE.  Boxes and boxes of stuff.  So much stuff that my attachment to much of it has started to diminish.  If I could just get it out of here, I would feel so much better! Ah, but that is a different post! (See my thoughts on decluttering here) The point is, we have been in this new house for about 15 days now with no TV and nothing to look at but the mess.  This creates some stress and grumpiness.  But do you know the cure for stress and grumpiness?

Nice neighbors.

Now coming from a very small town, I certainly did not expect to have a better “small town experience” in the suburbs than i did in my hometown of 3000 people!  I thought I was moving to the hustle-&-bustle, no-time-for-community section of the world.  I thought our arrival here would warrant no more than a passing thought in the minds of the people living around us.  As if it were only a matter that a different car would be sitting in our driveway than the previous owners’.  Apparently, I was VERY wrong.

No sooner than we had pulled into the driveway, did the first set of neighbors appear to introduce themselves and welcome us to the neighborhood.  We had a nice chat, then got to the major task of unloading our stuff.  The next day, I received my first delivery in our new house from my friend who had sent Champagne for us to celebrate.  The UPS man knew we were new, welcomed me, told me I had chosen an excellent place to live.  The next day, I was starting to REALLY get overwhelmed by my mess– not being able to turn around in the space and having no actual idea how to begin the task of creating order.  The kids got off the bus and were stirred up and antsy due to the lack of order and routine.  Sometime in the afternoon the doorbell rang.  It was COOKIES.  Cookies which came from our new neighbor on the other side.  Cookies which. were. still. WARM.  Like magic, cookies which made me feel better, made the kids happy, and for which I may always be grateful.

And the little things really DO make a big difference.  Our next door neighbor made sure to sign for an important package when he saw the UPS man and that we weren’t there to sign for it.  The man across the street came over to say hello when my husband was outside cutting crown molding and he offered to lend my husband his tools.  A neighbor from four doors down saw the kids walking to the bus stop yesterday while he was out with his dog and stopped to make sure they were OK.  The cookie lady?  Yesterday she called my kids over when the bus dropped them off and I was three minutes late getting home from work.  Today on their way to the bus stop they came across a different dog-walking neighbor.  He brought the dog over so the kids could say hello.  Then he came over to me and told me his name and the dog’s name and where on the street he lives (like five doors down and across the street!).

These little kindnesses have made us feel SO welcome.  I know we have settled in just the right place.


9 Responses to “Parade of New Neighbors (March of Kindness, Part 2)”

  1. I applaud you for posting a pic of all your boxes! Yes, moving is such a crazy time. Hang in there, it all gets done somehow. People are kind wherever you move–what a wonderful thing. It reminds me to be kind as well!

    • I haven’t ever moved into a house before so I had no idea what a nice welcome we would get! The boxes are slowly getting unpacked. Some are getting repacked and put in the basement so we can paint! Ugh, wish we would have thought things through better. 🙂

  2. Hurry for nice neighbors!! We’ve tried to make more of an effort to get to know our neighbors this past year – it’s definitely easier with kids – they provide such a nice intro 🙂 I hope you are all moved in and feeling like home!!

  3. What a wonderful welcome to the neighborhood! It’s amazing how each of those little acts of kindness quickly added up to an amazing sense of welcome and community. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yay for nice neighbors! Where I live, it isn’t exactly friendly. But all of my parents’ neighbors are extremely nice and very helpful, like yours. (I guess it helps that their neighbor on one side is my mom’s sister and her family. haha)

    Here’s to hoping the rest of your unpacking (and repacking and painting) goes smoothly and quickly. 🙂

  5. Thank you for this post. It is amazing how putting all that kindness out into the world brings it back to you.


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