A Starfish Situation

This morning I am getting ready to make lunch and thinking about freedom.  Specifically, the freedom of having enough.

Anyone who has ever gone through a check out line only to realize they don’t have the cash to pay for their items, or who has been surprised by the rejection of a card that “should have enough room on it,” or who has ever bounced a check, knows that feeling.  That feeling of complete and utter humiliation, because they don’t have enough.

I have done it. *Cringe*

Imagine if instead of a teenager at the grocery store, the one you have to face with not enough is your child.  Imagine the feeling when “the bill” is your precious child’s hunger.  How can this reality co-exist with ours?

When I am hungry, I make myself a meal. When I am thirsty, I run cold, fresh water from the tap. When I am dirty, I wash, then change into fresh clean clothes. When I am cold, I turn up the heat. When I am sick, I go to the doctor, I take my medicine. When something is wrong, I vote, inform others, and protest to change it.  I make it right as best I can. I have a primary, secondary, college, and graduate education.

We live in a country with INFRASTRUCTURE!

1.7 Billion people on this beautiful planet cannot say the same.  They do not have water, food, shelter, clothing, access to medical treatment, education, sanitation.  That is more people than the entire populations of China and the US combined!

We have the resources to attend to our own needs.  We have access to the resources we need to attend to the needs of our family.  (And to their wants.  And to their whims.) This is freedom.

And with great freedom, comes great responsibility!

So, knowing that we are dealing with a starfish situation here, we can choose to turn toward the hurt instead of away.  Let’s choose not to get overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem.  Let’s choose to make a tangible difference to one community living in poverty.  We can help make the infrastructure needed to have clean water, food, income, health, and education.  $12 a month, each. (Just 100 of us)

I spend $12 without thinking.  At least once a week, I do! (Admit it, you do too!) Instead, we can think about it and treasure spending this $12.  We can help a stranger have enough that she doesn’t have to face her child’s hunger with empty hands anymore.

We cannot help everyone living in poverty, but together we can help these people.  And to these people our help will make all the difference.  My favorite freedom is having enough.  Lets spread that freedom to Tuk’a, Ethiopia.

We only need 99 People for Tuk’a.  2 down, 97 to go!

Image by Bill Longshaw Portfolio available at http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=341



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